Help us to stop bowel cancer

URGENT: We need an action plan to tackle the endoscopy crisis 

Tell Jeremy Hunt MP to take action now!

Hospitals are at breaking point because they don’t have enough staff to deal with the increasing demand for key tests that can diagnose bowel cancer. These tests are crucial to detect bowel cancer early, at its most treatable. That’s why we urgently need an action plan to tackle this.

Chronic staff shortages mean waiting lists are rising rapidly – the NHS has been in breach every month this year. Services have been consistently underfunded and the result is a system bursting at the seams.

Not enough progress is being made fast enough. An action plan to tackle this crisis was promised as part of the England Cancer Strategy, two years on and we’re still waiting. This isn’t good enough.

Tell Jeremy Hunt MP, Secretary of State for Health, that we need an action plan now!

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